This report details the findings of an Ontario-wide survey of 1194 school educators' knowledge of and experience with trans-affirming policy and practice. The survey was developed in consultation with trans educators, school board officials, and community members and included a mix of qualitative and quantitative questions. Key findings revealed that there continue to be systemic and structural impediments to supporting trans inclusion and gender diversity in schools, in terms of both the failure to enact policy and to provide adequate support, education, and resourcing for educators. Recommendations are outlined which relate to the need for further development of policies that identify the allocation of resources for both PD and curriculum development as central to the necessary provision of support for trans students and creating gender-affirming schools.  The report also stipulates the necessity for sustained accountability measures to be established by governing bodies such as the Ontario Ministry of Education for supporting gender diversity and trans inclusion with the explicit objective of supporting school boards fiscally in the provision of PD and development of resources. Teacher Education faculties also need to be committed to ensuring that teacher candidates are provided with the knowledge and understanding of trans inclusion and what trans affirmative education entails.